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NEPA Yogafest Camping Tips

Before I start thank you guys for being a part of this event and sharing the weekend with us they’re also is a concert to note of that likely will be over at 10 PM. This will lead to traffic and additional noise, but it’s not going to last long.


Camping starts on Friday at 5pm and goes until 5pm on Sunday. 

You have two options for camping. If you have a camper/van or like to sleep in your vehicle, the main parking lot is where you’ll want to be. 


This is an unpaved, crushed stone lot, so I would not recommend pitching a tent here unless your are car camping and need to leave with your car. 


There is a trailer with restrooms in the “Midland” area of the property. There are a few steps to get up and down into the trailer. 

Handicap accessible restrooms are located down the hill in the main facility, but check ahead with Montage staff as to whether they will be open/available during the night after-hours. (There is a flat trail to circumvent the large staircase to get into the waterpark area.)


Montage is first and foremost a ski resort. Be ready to walk up and down pretty decent hills and/or staircases all weekend. Comfortable sneakers are a must!! The tent camping area is on/around the “bunny slope.”  If you plan to purchase the pass to drive your car up to the bunny slope area. You will receive a car camping badge that must be present in your vehicle and visible. This is the way you can drive up to the top to set up and tear down your campsite. There should be signage to follow to get up to the bunny slope. Follow the access road through midland (where it says NOT to drive haha), loop around down the hill, and then make a right and literally drive up the ski slope, you will pass the blue and yellow water slide off to the right, and then make a right to cross behind the meditation zone tent and approach the camping area. Keep in mind that if you choose to drive to the mountain, your car MUST remain there until the close of the festival on Sunday afternoon. This means no runs down to town for snacks, ice, dollar store, etc. so if you are attending with a friend, it’s best to keep one car down in the main lot for transportation and keep one car up top for the duration.


If you are choosing NOT to purchase the vehicle pass, I cannot stress this enough, you will have to haul all of your gear down a large staircase (or use the accessible trail), across the water park, and then back up the bunny slope behind the lazy river ride. Pack light, bring a wagon for transportation of your stuff, and be prepared to make multiple trips.


You’ll want to try your best to pick a campsite that’s relatively flat. Keeping in mind that this is a ski resort, you will be on at least a little of a slant no matter what. Set up your tent so your feet are pointed downhill, it’s just more comfortable that way.


Again, this is a ski slope. Depending on how early you get there, you might be able to snag a spot near some shade trees, but for the most part, it’s a wide-open area. If shade is important to you, you might want to bring an EZ Up or similar tent/canopy. Don’t forget your camping chairs or cushions for someplace to sit. There are no electric hookups on the mountain. Pre-charge your power banks ahead of time to charge your devices overnight or be prepared to plug your phone in during the day in one of the buildings. There will be two large porta potties available, or you can choose to trek down to the waterpark restrooms/locker room at the foot of the slope.


Especially for those teaching, I really recommend getting to the facility on Friday if you are able. We are allowed to show up anytime from 3 pm on. This way you can take your time to set up your campsite as you like it and not feel like you are missing out on any of the festival while you set up. Bring yourself some dinner for Friday evening (not sure what time Montage’s food stands will be open, if at all, Friday.) I’d imagine you could order food to be delivered to the main entrance, as well, if that’s your jam.


This is the Poconos…that means black bear country. There seems to be a resident literal Yogi Bear that decides to stroll through the festival every year. He knows the drill and that people mean yummy food/trash. Keep your food/trash in secure containers or better yet, in secure containers inside your vehicle when you’re done with it, or walk it down to one of the waterpark trashcans. There are no trash receptacles up on the mountain, for obvious reasons lol. Pack in, pack out and abide by Leave No Trace ethics.


No fires, grills, solo stoves, firepits, etc. are permitted on the mountain. If having a cooking source is important to you, consider camping in your vehicle in the main lot. There is nowhere to purchase ice at Montage. There are several gas stations and convenience stores down near the interstate where you can stock up on ice or other essentials before heading up to the event site.


Don’t forget swim stuff and towels (Yogafest tickets include all-access to the waterpark pools, rides and slides!) toothbrush/toothpaste, toiletries, sun screen, a hat, tarp for under your tent, mallet to drive in your tent stakes, for that matter, make sure you have your tent stakes and rainfly in the bag with your tent lol, sleeping bag, air mattress, and anything else you may need to make your camping experience whatever you’d like it to be.


I always bring a gallon or two of water to refill my bottle, but I believe there are some fountains in the buildings if you want to go that route. It gets cool on the mountain at night, so an extra blanket wouldn’t hurt as well as a cozy set of pajamas and warm socks. Check the weather leading up to the event and pack clothing accordingly. The Poconos is a crazy place, it could be stiflingly hot or downright chilly. Keep an eye on the forecast.


As always, for any festival, I recommend earplugs for the nighttime. An eye mask is a nice option if you like to sleep in a little so you’re not greeted by the sunrise. You’ll also want to have a small flashlight or headlamp for venturing up and down to your tent after dark. It’s a good idea to have a backpack or fannypack as your “go-bag” for carrying the essentials around the festival between trips to your tent. Plan your trips to your tent wisely…… hoofing it up and down that hill between every class or event gets old, fast. Also don’t forget your yoga mat carrying bag or strap to keep your hands free and sling it over your shoulder.


The showers in the waterpark locker room will be available for us to use at no charge during the hours of  7am-5pm both days.  Many festivals charge a small fee for use of the shower facilities, but they are included with Yogafest camping. Don’t forget shower shoes!


Depending on how early you like to get up, you might want to have at least some breakfast-y snacks or some iced coffee in your cooler until the food stands get open and start breakfast service.


Also please note that the waterpark area is not the only thing on the mountain. We are all the way up at the top. There is also a concert venue and a minor-league baseball stadium lower down on the hill. There is a major concert AND a ballgame on Saturday evening, and there is only one road in/one road out. Traffic will be a nightmare, I would avoid leaving the waterpark during the time the concert and/or game is ending to avoid spending an hour in a traffic jam.


I hope this info helps you get your head around what camping is like at this particular event. I just wanted to share some knowledge and tips I’ve accumulated over several years of trial-and-error. Yogafest is the best way to kick-off summer festival season and I can’t wait to see you all on the mountain!!! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any specific questions or want to pick the brain of someone who’s been around the lazy river a couple of times 


Find me at @lisamoyoga or and I’d love to chat with you more about this aspect of the festival.

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