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Connection Through Abundance

The group intention for this years festival is "Connection through Abundance." This intention came to the founder, Chelsea Manganaro, in a dream, and she had no idea what it meant but trusted the idea would find its way to fruition. The law of abundance is natural and God given! Imagine a world whee everything you thought or felt would appear in front of you! Although that may materialize a million dollars on your kitchen table, you can also create a large strange creature behind you because you manifested it. Our natural state is ABUNDANT, but more often than not we create our own obstacles. The things that get in our way are feeling of lack, despair, or fear. Life is energy! And there is plenty of it. There is nothing stopping each and everyone of us from taking our fair share of all things in life. Abundance is spiritual and understanding that your feelings and your thoughts are that in which create abundance for you.

If you would like to invite something into your life then, you obviously have to take the time to imagine those desides. Eistin said that imagination is more important that logic! Imagination will take you ANYWHERE! That in which you feel yourself to be, your are. Your life is evidence of what you're doing! Abundance is 360 experience, its your health, relationships and spiritual foundations. This event will dive deep into what abundance is, and to how to bring it into our life! 

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