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Last year was such a blast…. Sooooo we are doing it again.
Yoga Fest Community Dinner Party⁠. 

Only 80 seats available!⁠

After a long day of yoga, a healthy, gourmet, mouthwatering, community dinner will be held at 7pm. Dinner will include live music and after will have a band and dancing in our yoga pants!

6pm Comedy hour in “the Lounge” before we head into the dinner to hear live acoustic music and we try our⁠......

7pm First course Upon entry of a beautiful table of prepared Vegetarian/Vegan Charcuterie board presented by Peculiar’s kitchen 
Truffle grape leaves V. GF, Homemade hummus dill, red pepper, garlic, Pickled veggies, Crackers, Variety of Cheeses, Soy mirin eggs, Olive salad, olive tepinade 

⁠Table will have Fresh rolls and oil dip

Hor doerures 

Buffet Style will be:
Thinly cut romaine lettuce with pickled cucumbers, local tomato’s, pine nuts and option of blue cheese crumbles and onions with a black pepper olive oil V. 

Next will be,⁠
Soup shots 
Carrot ginger soup 
Tomato soup all GF & Vegan 

It's not a fancy dinner without a Pallet Cleanser

And for dinner will have⁠,
Pasta with peas, olive oil, salt and pepper V. GF
Grilled chicken 
Roasted Mushroom & Asparagus

Followed by a Desert Table Veg, GF, & V options & Decaf & Reg Coffee by Coffee Inclusive 

Optional drink pairing or wine pairing add on

Music from 8-10pm with @A Proud Monkey Duo

Gold and Black Elegant Exclusive Dinner Poster (1920 x 1080 px).png
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