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2023 Holistic Expo

Indoor vendor and healer expo to support wellness and  balance of mind, body and spirit during the NEPA Yoga Festival

New addition to the NEPA Yoga festival, our Holistic expo will provide an opportunity for visitors to meet with vendors from all over the country who supply a variety of products and services which support wellness, or balance, of mind, body and spirit. Come and meet the gifted healers and magical vendors at Montage Mountain on June 10-11th, which will be happening at the same time as the NEPA Yoga Festival. 

Whether you’re looking to make a lifestyle change or simply learn more about holistic approaches to health and wellness, we’ll have something enlightening for everyone. These empower you with inspiration, guidance, and drive that can help you become the best version of yourself. Some of our confirmed vendors include crystals, card readers, reiki, massage, mediums, CBD Products, wellness products for home and in person, handcrafted jewelry, aura photos, readers, speakers and so much more!

Vendors will be continually added. 

Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm

Sunday 9:00am-4:00pm

Tickets: $25 for the entire weekend! 

Location: Montage Mountain Waterpark

Follow us on instagram: @NEPAyogafest


Holistic Weekend pass includes access to holistic area, vendors, and inspirational speakers. 

Tickets to the Holistic Expo do not include NEPA Yoga Festival Classes, workshop, mediations or waterpark. Also happening at this location is the NEPA Yoga festival. 

About NEPA Yoga Festival- From a guided meditation session, yoga class or nutrition talks, come find nourishment for your soul and unlock your wellness potential.

Great event for the entire family! 

The theme of NEPA Yoga festival is Abundance through Connection. Vendors may be decorated and dressed to impress, so feel free to dress up and join in on the fun! Share your magic with us!


Holistic Vendor List

Conscious Creation Co
Offering framed crystal grids, each with their own intention, to help one align with their desires.
Energy Sound Healing​
Sound healing with crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes and crystal pyramid.
Matali Dakini Yoga and Tarot
Insightful Tarot readings that bring in the magic of the moon, astrology, and the Sabbats that can range anywhere from 3 to 10+ cards.
Kismet Acupuncture & Apothecary
Kismet Acupuncture & Apothecary is a cozy, woman-owned health and wellness practice focused on helping you live your best life via holistic, whole-body healing.
Dreamtime Healing with Holographic KineticsWe are a Holographic Kinetics(HK) is the most advanced and unique modality available today and transcends all other therapies. It is based on the ancient Aboriginal knowledge of the laws of LORE and the understanding that all things in nature are alive.
Human Revolutions LLC​
Intuitive reading, mandala art therapy, Prana Shakthi energy healing, and Yoga Therapy
Kairis Crystals
A small family owned crystal shop sharing beautiful healing crystals with the world.
Together for Health
Functional medicine and direct primary care practice focused on holistic healing and root cause resolution
Shumei America​
Let's foster health, happiness, and harmony for all
Aura Explorer Photography LLC
Aura Photography is great way to see your energy!
Experience Pottery
We are a mobile make your own pottery and paint your own pottery studio. With Experience Pottery people can have the opportunity to create a functional object on a potter's wheel with the help of one of our Artists, once their piece is finish, they'll move to the therapeutic and creative process of painting and decorating their piece. It's a fun experience for people.
My Soul Saloon LLC
One stop shop for all your soul needs. Reiki Master/Instructor creates unique natural healing jewelry, infused with more Reiki energy to help balance ones imbalances.
Offering Reiki energy healing, crystal healing, sound therapy, aromatherapy to remind your body how to heal itself and will also be selling metaphysical tools. KARMENDRIYA is a women-owned business that offers a variety of healing services. We care for the overall wellness of our bodies, but believe that our bodies and our minds have the ability to do most of the healing on their own. Sometimes our minds just need a little push to get there. Tia, owner and Reiki Master Teacher, offers Reiki energy healing, crystal healing, sound therapy, aromatherapy, and more.
Jan Helen McGee
Jan Helen McGee is a psychic medium, music educator, and author of Carriers of Genius. In her psychic readings, she shares information, wisdom, and direction. Jan has worked with police departments and starred in an episode of Psychic Witness, aired on the ID channel and Netflix. With an MA in humanities and a BA in music, she is a former speech communications professor, video writer, and radio host.
Greater Scranton YMCA
Psychic Readings $25 for 10 minutes & $40 for 16 minutes. We are giving out brochures, flyers, and schedules of our free programming at the YMCA.
Lady Lynora's Gemstone Treasures
Handmade gemstone trees, wands and jewelry, crystal mystery bags and boxes, crystal specimens, figurines, towers, spheres, crystal resin art, incense, sage.
Rocker Soaps
Naturally Rockin' Soaps, Organic Teas, Herbal infused CBD products.
Inner Balance Life Works
Activate your Life Force Energy in a dynamic Qigong Therapy session with Holistic Healer Katrin Naumann, to balance and integrate mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Qigong Therapy removes blockages in the flow of Vital Energy (Qi), which cause imbalances in the organ systems, to raise the body's energetic vibration and align it with its natural intelligence, to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation and healing. ​
Enlightened Soul Communication
Provide channeled life guidance readings from Heaven for any aspect of life including relationships, health, business/career, or souls purpose
Dr. Chelsea Mancuso Physical Therapy
Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in Women's Pelvic Floor PT and Athlete Wellness. 
I am offering:
- 15 minute consultations to discuss women's pelvic floor PT and/or injuries
- 15 minute soft tissue massages 

- 15 minute cupping session
Massage by James Nonnenberg
$2 a min and $5 for 3

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