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Saturday 8 am Chelsea Manganaro- Intro to Festival/walking up the Spine - In front of the Wavepool 

Classes: Welcome to NEPA Yoga Fest 2023! The 10th event, run over the last 8 years! Come early to receive your swag bag and hear the announcements for the day!

Class will start in a standing community circle, setting a group intention of happiness for all, with the chanting of Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

Our first class will be with acoustic music, gong bath, and gentle spinal preparation for the rest of the day. Class will explain the mission behind the event, connection through abundance, and how to prepare have the best day!



Saturday 9 am Miranda Dunkalio- Buti & The Beats n front of the Wavepool 


Class: Collaboration of music spun by Dj Kai-lo and Buti movement led by Miranda. In these 60 minutes, prepare to get out of your head and get into your body with Buti & The Beats! This is where music & movement meet the mat.


Saturday 10 am Jake Panasevich- Pause and Find the Beauty in the Mundane -  In front of the Wavepool 


Classes: "Pause and Find the Beauty in the Mundane."

Class Description: We all live busy lives and we often forget to take the time to savor the experience we’re having. In this class, we will take the time to pause, deeply decompress, and find the beauty in setting a strong foundation. 


Jake will guide you in an all-levels, beginner-friendly class that focuses on hip-openers. This is a flow class that focuses on alignment and breath. Get grounded, have fun and feel amazing after!


Saturday 11 am Nicole Kriedler- Ladder Flow - In front of the Wavepool 

Class: "Ladder Flow"

Class Description: Ladder Flows take the best from traditional Vinyasa flows and stacked movements to create a strong, sweaty and fun practice! I’m so happy to bring you this plan because I love doing them in my own practice – they allow me to get in a lot of rhythmic, flowing work in a short period of time.


Each class begins by stacking a few postures one after another, to create a Ladder Flow. After repeating those postures a few times, we add more and build complexity into our sequence. We will continue this method for 60 minutes, at the end of which you’ll have practiced a wide variety of poses, memorized a full flow and gotten a great workout!


These sequences link breath and movement, helping you clear your mind, build internal heat and challenge your entire body!



Saturday 12 pm Kerry Rupe- 26/2 Hot Yoga - In front of the Wavepool 

Class: "26/2 Series of Hatha Yoga"

Class Description: This practice is for Everyone! It doesn't matter your age, body type, flexibility, strength or, even conditions you may have. ( more about that in my bio)


Hatha Yoga is a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing techniques. Held static, unlike the flow of a Vinyasa. There are 12 standing postures and 14 in the floor series. This practice is designed to heal and transform the body. Each posture prepares you for the next. Build endurance, strength of the body, mind and, spirit. It must be done in a heated room to prevent injury and allow the muscles, tendons, and ligaments the pliability to perform the posture w/o injury to transform and strengthen. The Sweating combined w posture removes all the toxins from the body. The 2 breathing techniques increase lung capacity, move fresh oxygenated blood throughout the body and, calming of the nervous system.




Saturday 1 pm Brittany Edwards- EmPOWERed Vinyasa Flow - In front of the Wavepool 

Class Description: EmPOWERed Vinyasa is a flow for everyone! Summon your strength in mind, body, and spirit and emerge with a better sense of self and body awareness. In this flow we will move with mindfulness, intention and emphasis on breath connected to movement.




Saturday 2 pm Andrea McDonough- Anusara-inspired™ Align + Flow- In front of the Wavepool 

Classes: "Anusara-inspired™ Align + Flow"

Class Description: Anusara, a school of Hatha yoga, is a heart centered practice with a firm foundation in alignment. Enjoy a traditional sequence that includes learning the Invocation, pranayama, a mixed-level sequence, and meditation.Depending on the time the session is offered, I'll adapt to meet the needs of festival- goers. The basic principles of Anusara will be covered (open to grace, invocation, basic alignment), pranayama and meditation. We will flow a bit with the potential to invite in some arm balancing, depending on the group + time of day.


Saturday 3 pm Askari Moore- Afro Beats power vinyasa class 

Classes: "Afro Beats Power Vinyasa Class"

Class Description: 





Saturday 4 pm Cameron Chemsak- Into the Vortex - In front of the Wavepool 

Classes: "Into the Vortex"

Class Description: Join Cam for a deeply relaxing yin yoga class mixed with reiki and elemental rhythm break work.





Saturday 5 pm Danyell Nicole Peris- Flexibility and Mobility- Breathe in medicine and motion is lotion In front of the Wavepool 

Saturday 6PM Scott Jacoby Happy Hour Yoga at the Wavepool

Class: Did someone say happy hour at the wave pool?!


Make sure to save some energy for our Saturday evening happy hour vinyasa right in front of the calming waters of the wave pool. This 50 minute, all levels Vinyasa flow, will wrap up day 1 of this years NEPA Yoga Festival. Join instructor Scott Jacoby for a gentle yet slightly challenging class at the end of the day as the sun goes down and waters become calm. Crush out that last little bit of energy on your mat before retiring to the comedy hour before dinner after to celebrate all your hard work for the day!




LODGE - Yoga Area 2 





Saturday, June 10th at 10 AM  Tom Gilmore - Virtual Yin in the Lodge

To our beloved Tom, We miss you so much 

Tom has never missed a festival, and it just felt extremely strange to see the schedule without his name on it. Tom was a huge supporter of yoga and of this festival from the second Chelsea thought of it.  Tom was a wonderful person who introduced yoga to so many, his students will continue to spread his words and love for years. 


One good thing that came out of the pandemic, we recorded a few of toms classes and will be playing two at the event. 


Classes: "Virtual Yin"

A portion of Yoga Fest Profits will be donated to research for Prostate Cancer.


Learn more from Chelsea Blog Post here: 

Yoga Area 2- Lodge 

Saturday 11 am Aimee Skelton- Pilates on the mat in the Lodge

Classes: "Yoga/ Pilates on the mat with modifications for all body types!"

Class Description: Teach half yoga and half Pilates. This would be an all levels class and I give plenty of modifications.



Yoga Area 2 - Lodge 

Saturday 12 pm Allie O’Kane: Kundalini-Karmic transformation from the power within in the Lodge

Class: "Karmic transformation from the power within"

Class Description: Shed your karmas as a snake sheds off the skin. If you want to get out of your karma, there is only one way and the only way out is to go within. you don’t have to move through life weighed down by your own self-created obstacles. every action has a reaction, every sequence has a consequence, and every cause has an effect. use your own internal awareness to create calculated consequences that will push you ahead this year. begin the process of wiping away previous karmas up to this point. this is the first and most fundamental step to changing the trajectory of your life. once the channel has been clear, you will be in a position of power to become the conscious creator of your past, present, and future.




Saturday 1 pm Sama Shakti- UNLEASH YOUR INNER GODDESS- Awaken your Shakti Energy - in the Lodge

Classes: "UNLEASH YOUR INNER GODDESS - Awaken Your Shakti Energy"

Class Description: "Unleash Your Inner Goddess is for anyone and everyone who wants to connect to their shakti energy. It is a combination of gentle yoga and primal dance. Sama will guide you through slow movements and a pranayama practice to arrive and center, then we will move into energizing movements and vocalizations that will wake up your kundalini energy and create freedom to express yourself. You will harness your power and feel alive in every cell of your Being!"


Saturday 2 pm April Bland- Somatic FLOW in the Lodge


Classes: "Somatic FLOW"

Class Description: This breath-centric, vinyasa style class combines dynamic movements, static postures,and simple breath work (pranayama), all with the goal of reducing tension and stress in the body and mind. With less emphasis on achieving the perfect pose and more on self-inquiry & awareness, this class strengthens the mind/body/breath connection with an emphasizes on mindful-sensing, feeling and improving our skill in paying attention.


Saturday 3 pm Aubrey Waz-Grant- Who Am I Really? A Flow of Self-Connection in the Lodge


Class: "Who Am I Really? A Flow of Self-Connection"

Class Description: Join me for one hour using yoga to learn how to connect to your body. Through slowing the flow down and experimenting with modifications (with provided props!), you will learn when your body is cueing a threat and when it is cueing a reward and skills to respond to both on and off your mat. This is an all levels class with a combination of flow time and guided experimentation time!


Saturday 4 pm Natasha Nixon and John Thorpe- Acroyoga FUNdamentals in the Lodge



Classes: "Acroyoga FUNdamentals with Natasha Nixon & John Thorpe"

Class Description: Lift or be lifted - it’s your choice. Come play and make new friends while learning foundational acro poses and transitions. Safe spotting techniques will be shown to make this class appropriate for all levels. No acro experience? - Great! We will discuss foundational techniques that will help jump start your practice including counter balancing, joint stacking, and communication. You’ve done acro before? – Cool! We will challenge you by offering progressions and trickier transitions while refining your foundations. Our only prereq – come with the intention of having FUN!

Meditation Area 




Saturday 9 am Mara Morell- Meditation for Abundance in the Meditation Area



Class Description: Opening Meditation  - Bring your Mala! Celebrating this incredible day of cOMmUNITY, starting with a relaxing pranayama/breathing techniques, followed with a simple smudging to release old energy & bring in positive supportive energy. Will set personal intention for the day, and sit comfortably chanting together 108x's - Lokah Somastah Sukhino Bhavantu


Saturday 10 am Leslee Penny- Sound Healing & Meditation  in the Meditation Area

Classes: "Sound Healing & Meditation"

Class Description: Come experience the power of resonance and its healing capabilities with Leslee Penny! Leslee is a certified mindful practitioner. She’s also certified in Singing Bowl Healing therapy, with over a decade of experience in a variety of atmospheres from clinics to the Tibetan museum. This healing workshop will deliver hypnotically healing sound. She will transport you to a place of tranquility so your cells can renew in this bath of healing vibration.The Tibetan singing bowl is known to help with blood pressure/circulation and blood flow, the immune system, stress, anxiety, mental and emotional clarity, and overall well-being. Please wear comfortable clothing. 





Saturday 11 am Dr. Omanand Guruj- Pranayama Techniques at the Meditation Area 

Class:When prana are balanced, mind will be balanced. Prana is the King of mind. Selected

Pranayama practical, significance, ancient secret benefits, therapeutic benefits

and methodology. Prana are the life force but how to balance, utilize, expand,

awaken, realize, control and monitor the Life force.





Saturday 12 pm Tara Grossi- Meet Your Guardian Angel at the Meditation Area 

Classes: "Meet Your Guardian Angel"

Class Description: A blissful meditation connecting to your Guardian Angel, with gentle, soothing tones, angelic air, this is perfect for a spiritual meditation experience. It is so deeply relaxing, feeling peaceful becomes effortless. When you let go and allow the music and meditation to carry you away, you can easily imagine being in an angelic presence.






Saturday 1 pm Dr. Omanand Guruji- Being Blissful Meditation 

Class: Beauty has fear from old age. Life has

fear from death Wealthy have fear of poverty. Success has fear from

failure. We become slave of our own mind. Meditation is the best medication.

But Bliss is Fearless and Beyond. Invoke inner powers and bliss through Being

Blissful Meditation.

Increases level of happiness, efficiency, balance, bliss, cordial

relationships, affection, productivity, health and wellness.

In this program, you learn the secrets and get rid from various challenges and

problems of life. More details:




Saturday 2 pm Jessica Ramirez- A Sacred Journey to Past Lifetimes at the Meditation Area 

Classes: "A Sacred Journey to Past Lifetimes"

Class Description: This highly experiential meditation workshop utilizes gentle regression therapy, guiding you to explore your past lifetimes and to connect inward with your truest, most beautiful self. Gain understanding of your path and current relationships with friends, family, and soulmates while accessing your higher self and guides leading you to enlightenment and healing. Experience this deeply rewarding journey, led by Jessica Ramirez. Jessica has been mentored and certified by Dr. Brian Weiss, a leader in the field of past-life therapy and  NY Times best-selling author of Many Lives, Many Masters. This is an opportunity that you won't want to miss!





Saturday 3 pm Karen Santos- Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation & Energy Sound Healing at the Meditation Area 

Classes: "Sound healing meditation with crystal singing bowls"

Class Description: Raise your vibrations with Energy Sound Healing! Offering reiki infused sound healing with crystal singing bowls and Koshi chimes.





Saturday 4 pm Melissa Mroz, MS- Master the Mindbody Connection at the Meditation Area 


Classes: "Master the Mindbody Connetion"

Class Description: Enjoy an empowering, educational and experiential practice into the mindbody connection through science-based breathing, movement, and mental practices that optimize health, vitality and resilience. Deepen  the understanding of our physiology and develop the disciplines that grant true freedom and mental liberation.





Saturday 5 pm Ali Reina- Sweet Dreams: Yoga Nidra Workshop at the Meditation Area 

Classes: "Sweet Dreams: Yoga Nidra Workshop"

Class Description: Did you know that 15 minutes of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent to 1 hour of sleep!? Yoga Nidra aka Sleep Yoga is a style of yoga that does not include any movement and is a deeply restorative and healing practice. In this workshop, you will learn the benefits of yoga nidra  and experience a Yoga Nidra session. During the session, you will be guided through a body scan, breathwork, guided imagery, intention setting, and visualizations to quiet the nervous system and bring balance to all parts of you.

Saturday 6 pm Rachel Stine- Yin at the Meditation Area 

Classes: "Yin Flow"

Class Description: Yin Flow - a gentle yoga class accessible for all that includes holding postures for a longer period of time to help students get in to their deeper connective tissue. Relax and Unwind- get ready to unwind from your day! A gentle yoga class accessible for all that helps to stretch the body and to decompress. Rise and Shine- get your day started off right with a vinyasa flow that will stretch out the body and get you moving for you day ahead.






Next to the Lodge - Yoga Area  3


Saturday 9 am Sabrina Ursaner- YoTaiChi - Next to the lodge 

Classes: "So You Think You Can't Meditate"

Class Description: This session is designed for anyone who has ever wanted to meditate but thought, "nope, I can't do it." Whether it's because your brain goes in a million directions and your thoughts race, or you can't sit still, don't have time, don't want to "do it wrong" (spoiler alert: there IS no wrong way), or you simply just don't know what to do or where to get started. Think of this as Meditation 101; Learning to Meditate; Meditation for Total Beginners. Learn some of the absolute basics about meditation and some easy practices that you can incorporate into daily life. I promise it'll be a game changer. For ANYONE who thinks they can't meditate, I'm here to prove you wrong! Come on, try me :)


Saturday 10 am Vanessa Rodriquez- Zumba - Next to the lodge 

Classes: "Zumba"

Class Description: Vanessa’s Zumba classes are a hybrid of Zumba, Dance Fitness, hip hop tactics, and open to all levels, with no experience required. As this is a cardio-intensive class, modifications are available and encouraged. 


Vanessa’s class goals:

⁃ to feel good in our skin!!

⁃ to appreciate mind-body connection!!

⁃ to honor our beautiful bodies with loving & confident movement!!

⁃ to listen to our bodies!!

⁃ to be present in our bodies!!

⁃ to leave personal judgement at the door!!

⁃ but most importantly, to have fun!!




Saturday 11 am Michael Disalvo- Poetry in Motion- Power Yoga - Next to the lodge 

Classes: "Poetry in Motion - Power Yoga"

Class Description: Mixing poetry and breath work along with a power flow of dynamic movements to increase flexibility, restore balance, and strengthen the body, this one hour class heightens focus, muscular endurance, and self-awareness.




Saturday 12 pm Alina Kuderska- Dharma Charging Yoga Practice - Next to the lodge 

Classes: "Dharma Yoga"

My guru, Sri Dharma Mittra, is the worldwide known yogi. To spread his word is a great honor for me. By helping others to stay on the path of self realization, we help to purify the world karma.




Saturday 1 pm Cookie Connolly- Yoga Therapy for Chronic Sciatic and Lower Back Pain Relief - Next to the lodge 

Classes: "Yoga Therapy for Chronic Sciatic and Lower Back Pain Relief"

Class Description: Based in mindfulness and art therapy the body scan and map are therapeutic approaches to bring you into a deeper state of physical and emotional awareness in a judgment free zone. Benefits may include reduced anxiety, stress and chronic pain, while improving sleep quality, relaxation and focus. Class structure: initial baseline meditation, use of colored pencils on printed body outline, a brief practice to unlock the hidden benefits of asana, ending with the final body scan meditation and mapping time. Option for yoga teachers; Cookie is a YACEP: workshop equals 1 contact hour(1 CE) at festival pricing of $45.





Saturday 2 pm Amanda Corcoran- Flow & Grow - Next to the lodge 

Classes: "Flow and Grow with Amanda"

Class Description: Flow and Grow is a slow flow vinyasa class that starts with a breathing exercise designed to regulate the central nervous system. Incorporating postures with a multitude of modifications and variations will allow you to receive the flow that works best for you! Flow and Grow   will not only have you work on your physical health but will also allow you tap in on skills that work towards building a better mind to body connection. Before closing, a guided meditation will be offered to allow you to relax your body and grow to new heights!(: 




Saturday 3 pm Emma Downey- Flowing with Fascia - Next to the lodge 

Classes: "Flowing with Fascia"

Class Description: Learn how you can incorporate the fascia into your flow! This workshop will teach you fun myofascial techniques and traditional chinese medicine acupressure points that can easily be incorporated into your flows to promote more body awareness, stimulate the lymphatic system, and improve mobility!



Saturday 4 pm Dr. Omanand Guruji- Yoga Therapy for selected diseases - Next to the lodge 

Stress, Tension, Anxiety, Fear, loneliness, Anger, confusion, relationships, and many

more: Yoga therapy techniques ancient as well as based on latest scientific

researches, guided by Dr. Omanand Guruji for various ailments. Yogic

techniques involved are through Mudra, Pranayama, Bandha, Kriya and

Asana. Practical and theory. Purification and detoxification of Body, Mind,

Senses and energy through various Yogic techniques.




Saturday 5 pm Chelsea Manganaro and Scott Jacoby- Partner Yoga - Next to the lodge 




Class: Spend some time together connecting with your favorite person by joining us to flow, stretch, and balance together through both hatha and vinyasa-type yoga. This class is super fun, accessible yet challenging for all levels. There may be basic acro poses, but this is not acro any accessible to all. Share, connect, and breathe -- together at our Partner Yoga Workshop with Chelsea Manganaro & Scott Jacoby. Partner Yoga classes build trust and improve communication.




Saturday 6 pm Casey Faurl- Funky Flow! - Next to the lodge 

Classes: "Funky Flow!"

Class Description: Energetic vinyasa that welcomes all levels that are ready to move, groove and laugh with some funky jams!




After Fest


6PM Sound healing and cacoa cermony  with Allie o’kane in camping Area 

Perfect!! How are you holding up with the craziness of the festival? For the cacao ceremony I would just need the ingredients to make the cacao then cups. I would say participants to bring a notebook/pen to write their intentions as well as a mat/blanket. For sound healing I would guide everyone into a mediation and essentially preform a sound bath on them while they relax and use essential oils/massage to deepen the relaxation 


6PM in “The Lounge” (outside)

Comedy Hour 

Grab a drink and have a few laughs with Ryan Flaherty and Taury Seward, presented by The Monk.


7PM Acoustic Dinner music in the Lodge (inside) with April Lynn


8PM Brendan Brisk Band in the Lodge

Brisk’s music is rooted in blues and folk traditions while incorporating soul, fiery avant-garde jazz, and modern jam signifiers. Equally inspired by the surroundings of their native Northeastern Pennsylvania and the mysteries of consciousness and the cosmos, the group aims to bring its audience to a place of inspiration and creativity, abstracted from the daily grind of obligation and ambition. Lush and layered studio productions translate to the stage with a stripped-down palette characterized by a sometimes mellow, sometimes driving, and always danceable rhythm and sharp improvisation from the ensemble with Brisk and Orfanella trading solos.


8:30 Moon Song live music - in Meditation Area


9:30PM Dance Music in the Lodge with Dj Kai-lo with a set of fun, upbeat music you will know and love ! In Lodge


9:30PM Moonlit Meditation in Camping Area

Smores - Acoustic Song Circle with Katie Shea - group relaxing meditation with John Heyen to seal in the evening


9:30PM Star Gazing in our clear tent in Camping Area

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