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Dr. Omanand GuruJi

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We are excited for Dr Omanana GuruJi to come to their NEPA Yoga Festival again. He is only in the US in May & June. Explore more about him &  his classes below:

He knows 6 languages, has travelled to 65 countries; and his students, successful Yoga teachers, come from 95 countries. Currently 42 students are conducting their Research (Doctorate degree) under his supervision. He guides from small to large gatherings. He has written 64 books so far and many of his articles have been published in various newspapers and magazines.He is regularly interviewed on various TV Channels and Radio Stations.

Guruji served as a President of the Hindu University of America, FL, USA, and is an inspirer of proposed Paramanand Yoga University.

When he was just 8 years old he met GurudevMahamandleshwarSwamijiParamanandgiriji. Gurudev gave him Spiritual Yogi name Omanand on March 30th, 2010 after Royal bath in Haridwar KumbhMela. To spread the Yogic knowledge to the world, he was ordained as VidvatSanyas blessings by Gurudev on July 17th, 2012 in Indore Ashram. His name has two words. ‘Om’ means Sound of Existence, Supreme Consciousness or Soundless Sound, and ‘Ananad’ means The Bliss (Anand is only word in dictionary which has no opposite word). This name transformed his life. He says we all are integral and inseparable part of The Supreme Consciousness. We all should seek to reveal ourselves this Oneness (connection/union/Yoga). Now, he offers his seva (selfless service) in the Ashram in Indore, along with his wife. The vision is to help the seekers, society and mankind on their righteous path.


Guruji is a merit holder throughout his education and is honoured with various awards. He is a scholar, who has studied and realized various ancient Yoga scriptures. He was awarded Doctorate of Yoga and Meditation from the Hindu University of America, USA. He often says that his own life/body is a laboratory; first he experiments then teaches others. His teachings come from heart not from head. He says that The Truth does not need memorization and is always unchanged. His message to the world is, ‘Be present and be Blissful’.

He is a Karma Yogi. Many people visit him with pains, and sorrows and experience healing and transformation of lives through Yogic techniques. His unique technique Chidshakti Jagran Prakriya or Consciousness Power Awakening has healed and benefitted thousands of seekers. Once he guided to a gathering of 200,000 people. Participants get glimpses of their True Self, going into trance, transcending the limits of physical body. Ordinary to high profile politicians, businessmen, professionals have benefited from his teachings.

Guruji lives a simple life, is full of compassion and divine love. His in-depth true knowledge benefits all seekers. Under his guidance, one easily experiences beautification and purification of body, mind, intellect, and soul. His mission is to let this powerful ancient technique of BBM bring transformation in the lives of as many people as possible, to let people live a life free of mundane life stress and experience pure Bliss.

Classes at NEPA Yoga Festival:

Saturday June 10

11am Dr. Omanand Guruji - Pranayama Techniques (Meditation Area)

1pm Dr. Omanand Guruji - Being Blissful Meditation (Meditation Area)

4pm Dr. Omanand Guruji - Yoga Therapy for selected diseases (Next to the lodge)

Pranayama Techniques :

When prana are balanced, mind will be balanced. Prana is the King of mind. Selected Pranayama practical, significance, ancient secret benefits, therapeutic benefits and methodology. Prana are the life force but how to balance, utilize, expand, awaken, realize, control and monitor the Life force.

Being Blissful Meditation :

Beauty has fear from old age. Life has fear from death Wealthy have fear of poverty. Success has fear from failure. We become slave of our own mind. Meditation is the best medication.

But Bliss is Fearless and Beyond. Invoke inner powers and bliss through Being

Blissful Meditation.

Increases level of happiness, efficiency, balance, bliss, cordial

relationships, affection, productivity, health and wellness.

In this program, you learn the secrets and get rid from various challenges and

problems of life. More details:

Yoga Therapy for selected diseases : 

like: Stress,Tension, Anxiety, Fear, loneliness, Anger, confusion, relationships, and many

more: Yoga therapy techniques ancient as well as based on latest scientific

researches, guided by Dr. Omanand Guruji for various ailments. Yogic

techniques involved are through Mudra, Pranayama, Bandha, Kriya and

Asana. Practical and theory. Purification and detoxification of Body, Mind,

Senses and energy through various Yogic techniques.

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