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Vendor List

Accessible Festivals, with support from Lackawanna Arts and Culture, is proud to present the Relaxation Zone at NEPA Yoga Fest! This sensory-supportive space will be available to anyone who needs a break from the general festival environment, or simply if they need a place to relax and recharge. The zone will feature three nature-inspired murals painted by Pat Kwiatkowski and Kelsey O'Dell, Silent Sound System headphones playing relaxing music and healing sounds, a variety of comfortable seating options, and mindfulness activities for all ages and abilities. (Presented by the creators of Inclusion Festival.)

Tibet Sky Emporium

Handcrafted and fair trade Tibetan and Himalayan prayer Malas, energy bracelets, ethnic jewelries, Tibetan meditation singing bowls, and yoga clothing.
Beads of a Feather
Gemstone adornments
A fun, interactive booth featuring doTERRA essential oils, where visitors will not go away empty handed! Visitors will learn 3 cool things about essential oils and have the chance to win some amazing, life changing products!
Christine's Soap Box
Soap, bath bombs, lotion, shower gel, body scrubs, lip balm, lip gloss, shower steamers, body mist, candles, wax melts, shampoo and conditioner bars, bath salt, milk baths, bath melts, beard balm, lip scrub, bath tea.
Sundance Vacations
Discount travel club who has been in business for 31 years.
Jazzy Treasures
Handmade jewelry including, necklaces, bracelets, anklets and specializing in earrings. Also fresh baked goods including cookies and cupcakes.
Lululemon quality athleisure at an affordable price. Paiya sells women’s leggings, shorts, sports bras, tanks, tees, lounge and so much more!
Shakti Warrior
Cork yoga mats, hemp yoga mats, natural rubber yoga mats, cork blocks, cork meditation cushions and yoga bolsters, copper bottles, yoga straps and clothing.
Grounding Journey
Yoga card decks, crystal kits, yoga accessories (bags, water bottles).
New Earth Essentials, LLC
Spiritual and wellness products made from organic essential oils infused with crystals and Reiki energy.
Mindleaf handcrafts CBD-infused products ranging from health/beauty supplies, edibles, smokables, and pet products.
Mother Daughter Bracelets
Handmade bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and gift sets.
Aham Prema Glow
Choose to glow from the inside out with Reiki-infused, cruelty-free bath and body care like crystal bath bombs, whipped body butter, and essential oil rollers. Bring serenity into your home with soy wax candles, wax melts, and other home décor like spell jars and herb sachets. Adorn yourself with comfort and ease with crystal jewelry including pendants, rings, earrings, and even pendulums. Embrace your own beautiful, divine love!
Marissa's Mary Kay, Masks, Makeovers & More
Mary Kay skin care products & cosmetics, yoga water bottles, and headbands.
Tarot in the Moonlight
Tarot readings of 4 cards, an extended reading of 13 cards, and a 3 question spread. Reiki chakra cleanses. Handmade crafts, including drawstring bags, smudge sprays, hanging bells, wish jars, and spell charms.
We provide a variety of clean, gluten free, vegan and cruelty free products. We have a nutrition line that ranges from Pea Protein to Skin Collagen to Ginseng Energy Fizz to Detoxing and Cleansing products. We also provide a few different lines of skincare for all skin types, along with sun care and makeup.
Stoked Pineapple
I'm a graphic designer who makes apparel, and I screen print my designs on thrifted flannels, jean jackets, and army jackets. I also make various macrame items such as wristlets, prism car charms (makes rainbows!), earrings, and rainbow keychains. I make beanies, hats, motel keychains, and stickers as well.
Cassandra Held Designs
I sell an array of live plants in fun containers, crystals, preserved flowers, lavender product and more!!! Mini and extended Tarot Readings available!!
We are a health and wellness company and THE LEADING “Gut Health” company!! We want to see people improve their quality of life by improving their health from the inside out. We prefer to place a laser focus on root causes of the issues, and avoid BANDAID solutions. We also keep it SIMPLE!
Mrida Seva Yoga
Nearme Yoga
Sells a wide variety of yoga inspired clothing, jewelry, gifts, and much more! 
Nearme Cafe
Offers plenty of  healthful vegan food options such as acai bowls, smoothies, and much more!
Astral Attic Art (Sat Only)
Yogic Inspired handmade Accessories and Clothing with original artwork!
AH Baby
Spice Blends that help you experience "Yoga in the Kitchen"
SkyBlue Aromatics
Low Temp Vapes for all of your concentrate, herbal & essential oil needs.
Focal Points Crystals
Ethically sourced crystals, gems, jewelry and other accessories.
Bullhead Botanics
CBD Tablets and Topicals to support: pain management and inflammation, anxiety and mental wellbeing, sleep and relaxation, and clear and smooth skin.
Healy is a lightweight, wearable bio resonance device. Healy uses quantum technology to scan your bio field and send you individualized frequencies to balance out your energy.
Infinity Crystals LLC
Great Selection of Brazilian Crystals.
AgriHemp Industries
Hemp. We grow and produce smokable flower, tinctures, creams, gummies.

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