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2023 Vendor List

Mrida Seva Yoga
Sells a wide variety of malas, yoga inspired clothing, jewelry, gifts, and much more! 
Nearme Yoga & Shop Nearme 
Sells a wide variety of yoga inspired clothing, jewelry, gifts, and much more! 
Nearme Cafe
Offers plenty of healthful vegan food options such as acai bowls, smoothies, and much more!
Prime Physical Therapy
NEPA’s Premier In-Home Physical Therapy and Wellness Services. This is Physical Therapy, Redefined
Our easy, direct access matches you with a doctor of physical therapy who will deliver one-on-one, individualized care. Every Prime service revolves around coming to those in need, so our mobile physical therapists will meet you at your preferred location, typically a house, gym or office. Experience hands-on therapy, nutrition training, exercise and education from the comfort and convenience of your home or community space. We accept Medicare, most commercial insurances and even have cash-based options.
We create incense sticks that showcase our heritage, unparalleled quality & our experience for your personal and spiritual journey. (Incense Sticks, Cones and related incense products. Brass and Keepsake items)
Beads of a Feather
Cultivated with care, strung with intention, energetically charged, and celestially connected :) Handmade reiki infused gemstone jewelry / accents (such as tea strainers, air plant holders, photo holders etc.) wooden jewelry stands
Cork Dork Wine
This is not your grandmas wineHandcrafted wine sold by the cup or bottle.
Aham Prema Glow
Glow from the inside out with cruelty-free, Reiki-infused home décor, bath & body care, jewelry, & more! Create an every day routine of radiant self-care, a special spa night, and adorn yourself in a blanket of light with hand crafted crystal jewelry, nourishing body care, luxurious perfume, glistening candles & so much more! Create a ritual of bountiful kindness and love for yourself, and glow from within!
Stickman BodyCare
Get Your Fix with the Stick!!! We are a wellness company that specializes in CBD BodyCare products. We offer salves, lotions, body oils, tinctures, gummies, drinks, pet products.
Metta Mats
Simply the most vibrant and grippy art-adorned yoga mats on the market. US-made boutique yoga mats and other products featuring art from independent artists. Made with Love in Philly. All products sold with a 30 day love-it-or-money-back guarantee.
Premium athleisure. affordable price! Premium quality women's activewear and every day essentials.
Find your inner peace with Mindkee's comfortable and high-quality meditation pillows, designed to elevate your practice and help you cultivate mindfulness. Mindkee is a black-owned brand that specializes in creating high-quality and comfortable meditation pillows, aimed at helping people improve their overall well-being through the practice of meditation. Mindkee's mission is to provide individuals with the tools they need to cultivate inner peace, reduce stress, and feel better.
Blackberry Forest Pinafores
Cook up a storm in one of our special handmade chef or reversible aprons. (Chef aprons, reversible aprons and toddler dresses)
Illumia Skincare
Illumia skin care line is crafted using plant-based materials that we either grow ourselves or source locally, with a focus on simplicity, purity, therapeutic benefits, and low waste. The founder of illumia, Hedy Schneller, designs skincare products from plant materials she grows or sources locally. Illumia is clean, simple, low waste and therapeutic. Illumia heals and nourishes your skin naturally. Learn more at Illumia skin care products are clean, simple and therapeutic being made from plant material grown by us or sourced locally whenever possible.
Simply Jewelry
Beautiful beaded jewelry to help support your well being.
Heart Space Yoga
Heartspace offers Wellness through Yoga, Meditaions. and Community Presentations. Heartspace Yoga is part of Counseling and Wellness Center of Scranton. Heartspace provides yoga, meditation and community wellness presentations. We are part of the community and want to help the community with its physical and mental health.
Heartspace Yoga has dedicated experienced instructors who have been doing yoga for many years. Heartspace looks to help you get the most out of your yoga practice. Based on personal history and activities many of will never get that perfect standing head to knee or the graceful standing bow we have all seen yoga pictures. But we go out and practice to get better than the day before and the week before. Some that do get those perfect and graceful poses give something to strive for as we go through this journey.
Our instructors will work with you to get your alignment right and to show the key points of the poses. Many times, modifications or a prop (a block, bolster or blanket) can help you get the mechanics of pose before you can get into the pose totally. Yoga is a practice that we keep working on and it gives back to us better health both physically and mentally. Heartspace offers a variety of yoga styles and classes. The number of yoga lineages is many, some incorporate the same poses but with different names and slightly different alignments or movements. Heartspce offers our instructors the chance to teach these different types which gives our students a wide range of poses and different types of workouts. Give us a try as you give yourself some love. The first person you need to take care of is yourself otherwise you won’t be helpful to anybody else.

Yellow Woods Designs LLC
Handcrafted jewelry inspired by nature. Handcrafted jewelry (bracelets, earrings, necklaces) made of wood, wooden beads, gemstones (ex. jasper, lapis, rhodonite), shells, and lava beads. I've recently been incorporating metals, like aluminum. 
Gypsy Luna Revolution
Unique Healing Tools For Meditation. I create Mala beads and other unique products to help meditate.
Artisan Oils
Artisan Oils has dedicated the last 17 years to finding the farmers, distillers and shamans who make the best of each essential oils on the planet. We have created the largest and highest quality array of plant medicines that we are aware of. We are continuously expanding our product offerings alongside our popular and established essential oil collection of all the basics, plus very rare, hard-to-find plant extracts, as we find new ways to help support you, the health conscious consumer. At our events, we love to connect with all who attend, and conduct free consultations on how plant medicine can benefit them, and can make custom made blends on the spot! To complement our product line, we make fresh incense non-stop, have a full line of colloidal and CBD products, an entire smudging section, sound medicine (singing bowls), deep tissue massage oil, resins, a tremendous selection of burning accessories, journals, dream catchers, wind chimes, keepsake boxes, tapestries, crystal pendulums, etc... to fill out the show and add some fun to the healing journey! Connecting with the public is our mission. When you happen to come across our multi-sensory booth at an event, come say hello for a wonderful experience!
Gypsy Cottage
Rosser Art & Glass
Woodside Cottage Hand Crafts

Originally we were two friends who started making things we loved inspired by yoga and boho decor. We will have eclectic stained glass designs crafted in the Tiffany copper foil method, yoga and floral inspired hand embroidery for home decor and wearables.
Young Living Essential Oils
Pure Suds Co.
NEPA's best handcrafted Bath and Body treats. Jessica was born and raised in the Scranton, PA area. She has many fond memories of the beautiful countryside, in Newton-Ransom, where she grew up, and still enjoys spending time. She feels much of her natural-seeking motivation, is driven by positive memories spent in this area, with people close to her.

Pure Suds Co. was created in November of 2010, after a few months of joyfully experimenting with soap making, as a form of therapy. She finally mastered the formulas of hot process soap making, then opted to add both loofah and sea wool to these transparent recipes, making them ultra unique and dual purpose. 

As the story of small business seems to go, she gave a few bars to friends and family as gifts, then neighbors far and wide, and finally, local retailers. In the process of growing the company’s clientele, she began broadening her All Natural and Organic ingredient spectrum, by expanding the product line. Not until the year of 2013, was Jessica able to travel and promote the company’s success.  

Jessica has many passions in life, besides the rapdily growing business. While her beloved animals aren’t keeping her busy, she also enjoys traveling, skiing, scuba diving, horse back riding, surfing, hiking and living a healthy lifestyle. She feels blessed to be involved in the concious evolution, of choosing to live a natural lifestyle, and loves educating others on how easy, fun and rewarding it can be. 

Mandala discovery yourself
Chena Love One
Get Zapped With Permanent Jewelry - Custom made jewelry (bracelets, anklets, necklaces, belly chain, toe rings) fitted to you & zapped on with a welder or clasp added to take on & off.
Come and find natural solutions with the purest essential oils on the market. No side effects only side benefits! Therapeutic Grade essential oils that are for more than aromatic use. Nontoxic products- soap, shampoo/ conditioner, muscle rub, sun care. Supplements, nutrition line- protein, fiber, greens. Diffusers, diffuser jewelry.
Infusion Hydration and Wellness
Come get hydrated with us!! We are an integrative medical practice specializing iv therapy, Dna testing, nutritional counseling, detoxification, and lab testing. We provide personalized plans tailored to each individual’s health challenges through our all-encompassing integrative health approach. What products and services do we offer: We offer IV vitamin therapy drips, Nutritional supplements, booster shots. 

Hydrate: electrolyte re
placement mix packets $2.50
Flavors: Watermelon Fruit punch
Energy: 6 hours sustained energy drink mix packets
Flavors: Mixed berry and Orange



We are your "farm-to-table" cannabis store sourcing the best locally grown and organically produced CBD products for your needs!

Ski Shack

For 40 years, Ski Shack has been serving the outdoor community in Northeast PA and beyond with premium gear, expert advice and unforgettable experiences. We love to share our passion nature and make these activities accessible for everyone! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, Ski Shack has all the gear, apparel, and accessories you need to enjoy your next adventure outside.

Heavy Metal Rollerz

Introducing HEAVY METAL ROLLERZ, a new category of massage rollers, A Weighted Massage Roller!  Heavy Metal Rollerz will conveniently, effectively, efficiently and independently massage the tension away in the trapezius and neck, forearms and quadriceps through Self Soft Tissue Release a technique originating many years ago to reduce tension, stress, and soreness and to increase flexibility, range of motion, and muscle performance.  It can also be used with a partner or Massage Therapist for those hard to reach places!


Heavy Metal Rollerz are made of 5 to 15 pounds of Solid Stainless Steel and can instantly alleviate pain and tension from many muscles and help reduce anxiety with deep pressure.  Simply place on the muscles and roll back and forth with minimal, if any effort. 




 The WEIGHT does the WORK!


Drip Bar
The DripBar Scranton is the go-to destination for premium IV therapy services. Our Drip Specialists provide customized cocktails of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to help you take control of your wellness. Whether you want to feel better, fight off a cold, or simply want to maintain optimal health, our local team can help you reach your health goals with our unique IV therapies. 

With an increasing focus on preventive care and proactive healthcare solutions, more people are turning to IV drips to improve long-term health. By taking advantage of these types of treatments regularly, you can jumpstart your immune system and keep it running at peak performance. Our specialized Drip Specialists in Scranton will work with you to create a personalized IV therapy plan that best suits your individual needs. 

The Benefits of IV Therapy

The benefits of using IV drips go beyond just providing relief from common ailments.

They can also help with various health issues, including:

  • Fatigue

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Dehydration

  • Jet lag

  • Hangovers

  • Digestive problems 

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