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Explore The energy & Connection of NEPA Yogafest.

By Mara Morell

As you drive up Montage Mountain to arrive at Yogafest.

Allow the simplicity of the drive to simply elevate you, visualize the day to day, the tension, the stress of typical daily life - rolling, flowing, falling off you. Continue the climb and sense the change in altitude & attitude.

Symbolically drive up that mountain to connect to a part of you you need to re-connect with!

Park, breathe, ground - embrace the feeling of being elevated, the apex of a weekend of excavation & renewal! 

Listen, see - you may even feel the vibration of the earthly Om has you stand tall - Tadasana, exaggerate it and really open that chest, expand that heart chakra with the green that surrounds you. Start to vibrate with the energy of connection, of like souls, of the abundance of community! 

Set your goal to experience it all & make sure you take time to roll out that mat on the slope of the mountain, connect with the earth below, breathe, look up and through that grounded connection feel your soul expand! 

The experience of yoga on the mountain, near laughter & childlike chaos of Waterpark fun

is a true symbolic connection of the yin & yang that is our balance.

Let the weekend create a beautiful “montage” of yoga, meditation, healing, connection, abundance, laughter & amazing uplifting energy! Try it all, step out of your comfort zone! Experience Yogafest from your soul❤️

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